Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before having an exterior treatment?

Before arrival, please make sure all windows and doors are completely shut. Please remove and or cover any items from the exterior that you do not wish to have sprayed. During the treatment, please stay clear of the treated areas. After the treatment, please keep children and pets away from the treated areas until they are dry.

What preparations needs to be made to treat for fleas?

All carpeting should be vacuumed prior to arrival, vacuum bags should be disposed of outside of the home, if the vacuum uses a reuseable bag or container, clean them in hot water. Remove all pets and have them treated by a veterinarian for fleas. Cover any fish tanks/aquariums with wet towels and turn off pumps. Remove all items from the floor, and pet bedding should be cleaned in hot water or disposed of.

What should I do before an inspection?

Before an inspection, please do the following; remove items from the floor of closets, linens from beds, and items from under the kitchen sink. Do not use any store bought pesticides 24 hours before inspections.  Most importantly, please secure any pets.

With a heat treatment for bed bugs, what should be removed from the home?

A heat treatment will involve high temperatures of up to 150* F. We recommend removing plants, pets and aquariums, fresh fruits and vegetables, any type of food or snacks that will melt, cosmetics, prescriptions and over the counter drugs, waxed based items, fire arms or explosives, anything pressurized, flammables, wood or stringed musical instruments (except for the cases), and most of all and family heirlooms and irreplaceable items.

After a pest treatment, can I use over the counter sprays to help the process?

No. By using an over the counter insecticide treatment as a "booster" may do more damage by jeopardizing the treatment strategy, and cause a potential odor concern.

What happens after the treatment?

No matter what type of treatment performed, we always follow up with either a phone call or a visit to the home. Some treatments will need a visual inspection to make sure that all of the affected areas have been addressed.